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To build and develop a high-performance team that values individual autonomy, knowledge, and purpose while supporting and promoting our core values and processes.


EFC Developments is not just a construction company. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our construction and development community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients in making their visions become reality.

Our Core Values

Health, safety, and care for the environment

EFC Developments provides our staff and trade partners with a healthy and safe working environment. We work hard and plan effectively to prevent any situation or condition that may be considered dangerous to the health and safety of our workers or the environment. We continually identify, assess and plan for hazards on and around our sites. The ongoing commitment to this value requires dedication, discipline and active participation from all levels within the company.

Embrace change and drive innovation

EFC Developments continuously looks to improve, develop and utilize the best business processes and practices as we strive to become leaders in our chosen industry.

Building open, honest and respectful relationships with communication

Effective communication is the foundation of all relationships. Successful communication is required to support good decisions making. We demonstrate integrity. We build trust and we earn respect.

Creating value through teamwork

EFC Developments fosters effective teamwork with a work culture that values trust, respect and collaboration. In a team work environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are best done cooperatively. We work as a team that is always looking for more efficient ways to serve our clients. Ultimately we all share in our team's success.

Pursue learning and development

Mastering new challenges ensures growth for both employee and the company. When we improve and seek new opportunities to learn, teach and add value - success will follow.

Be passionate and determined

Passion is the fuel that drives the individual and the company forward. EFC Developments' employees love what they do, taking the lead and leading by example.

Construction Management Services


Since 1991, EFC Developments Ltd. has provided a diverse offering of projects. A wholly owned subsidiary of EFC Aviation Ltd., EFC Developments is a separate division specializing in construction and development throughout Western Canada.
We own, operate and work in the facilities we build, which has led us to gain a wealth of knowledge and insight into the requirements of the construction and development world. This insight has increased our proficiency to strategically plan and develop each of our projects.


EFC Developments has assembled a team of dedicated and knowledgeable construction professionals who have the proven experience and capability to manage projects of any size and complexity. Construction development demands a very specific set of skills, processes and requirements. EFC Developments continuously works and tests these applications - thereby ensuring the most efficient of operations on every project. With over 160 combined years of construction expertise and over $100 million of successfully completed projects, EFC Developments is considered as a front-runner on any construction project.

EFC's first priority is safety; it is our guiding principle in all of our operations. We maintain a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) and Operational Reporting System to provide and share valuable feedback to our staff and management. This informs and improves our continuous circle of safety improvement.

Our Management Team

Karling Andal

Human Resources Manager
Leadership John

John Groothius

General Manager

Robin Eng

Director of Finance

James Duck

Facility Maintenance Manager

Brian Pavey

Project Manager
Leadership Ed

Ed Skapin

Chief Estimator

Fadi Osekrie

Systems Safety Manager

Ranjit Parmar

IT Manager


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Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) is Alberta Government approved Certifying Partner and a registered non-profit organization under the Society Act of Alberta. The AASP is a service focused Certifying Partner, providing a practical and reasonable approach to health and safety in the workplace. Through our commitment to our members, and solely through their funding of memberships and course fees, the AASP has grown to be the second largest issuer of Certificates of Recognition (COR and SECOR) in the province.




The Alberta Airports Management Association (AAMA) presents a forum for airport operators and issues to ensure a strong, efficient system of airports in Alberta.  Such a central body can better promote ideas, practices and information among its members, elected bodies and legislators.  Member airports can expect to operate with minimal delays based on timely and accurate information provided by the association through direct consultation, newsletters, annual meetings, maintenance seminars and dialogue with other member airports.

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Alberta Construction Safety Assn


The ACSA became a reality officially on November 9, 1988 – the date on which the ACSA was registered under The Societies Act as an independent, non-profit society. Every construction employer who holds a valid account with the Workers’ Compensation Board and who pays assessments into any specific Industry Codes within the construction class, is a member of the ACSA.
All those involved with the ACSA, from the origin of the idea to the present, share a common vision which, generally stated, is that through the cooperative efforts of all involved, the construction environment in Alberta will be the safest anywhere.

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Established in 1938, the BCAC is a member-driven organization that represents and promotes the shared interests of the aviation community.  It is the job of the BCAC, in partnership with members, stakeholders, and the community to positively influence the well-being of British Columbia’s aviation sector.  It is only by innovating and finding new ways to work together will we see a visible, connected and thriving aviation and aerospace industry in B.C.

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Calgary Construction Assn


Founded in 1944, the CCA is a non-profit voluntary membership association which is involved in the fostering and advancement of the interests of those who are engaged in, or who are connected with the institutional, commercial, industrial (ICI) sectors of the construction industry in Calgary and surrounding area.

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Canadian Construction


Established in 1918, Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) vision is to build Canada with ethics, skills and responsibility.  CCA’s mission is to the national voice for the Canadian construction industry.

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Edmonton Construction Assn


ECA exists to help over 1200 members procure, collaborate, network and learn. We strive to deepen and amplify your success. Our members are listed under the headings of General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Manufacturers & Suppliers and Associate Members. ECA members are represented provincially by the Alberta Construction Association (ACA) and federally by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).

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