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EFC Developments prioritizes a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to prevent foreseeable situations or conditions that could harm our workers or the environment. Hazards on and around our sites are continuously identified, assessed, and planned for. Regular safety inspections are mandatory and workers are encouraged to report all issues. Safety training is provided to ensure that all workers are familiar with safety protocols and procedures. In order to maintain this value, all levels of the organization are dedicated, disciplined, and actively involved. For everyone’s safety, our policy is strictly enforced.


As we strive for leadership in our field, EFC Developments continuously improves, develops, and employs the most efficient business practices. We look for challenges and promote innovative solutions. By taking risks, we push ourselves and our team to greater levels of success. This is why EFC Developments is a leader in the industry.


Passion is the fuel that drives the individual and the company forward. EFC Developments’ employees love what they do, taking the lead and leading by example.


EFC Developments fosters effective teamwork with a work culture that values trust, respect and collaboration. In a construction project team work environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are best done cooperatively. We work as a team that is always looking for more efficient ways to serve our clients. Ultimately we all share in our team’s success.


Achieving new challenges is essential for the growth of both the company and its employees. The key to success is to constantly improve and seek new opportunities to learn, teach, and add value.


Since 1991, EFC Developments Ltd. has provided a diverse offering of projects. A wholly owned subsidiary of EFC Aviation Ltd., EFC Developments is a separate division specializing in construction and development throughout Western Canada.

Along with construction, we own, operate, and work in the facilities we build, which has led us to gain a wealth of knowledge and insight into the requirements of the construction and development world. This insight has increased our proficiency in strategically planning and developing each of our projects.

EFC Developments has assembled a construction project team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who have the proven experience and capability to manage projects of any size and complexity. Construction development demands a very specific set of skills, processes and requirements. EFC Developments continuously works and tests these applications – thereby ensuring the most efficient of operations on every project. With over 160 combined years of construction expertise and over $100 million of successfully completed projects, EFC Developments is considered as a front-runner on any construction project.

EFC’s first priority is safety; it is our guiding principle in all of our operations. We maintain a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) and Operational Reporting System to provide and share valuable feedback to our staff and management. This informs and improves our continuous circle of safety improvement.


EFC’s roots can be traced back to 1946 in Calgary, Alberta, where the company was established as a fixed-based operation (FBO). Fast forward to the early 70s when Canada’s prominent oil man, pilot, and federal politician, Peter Bawden acquired a group of aviation-related companies, including a commercial air charter service, a flying school, and three leasing companies. Peter also served as a director on several prestigious Canadian companies including Barclays Bank, Air Canada, Boeing, and Safeway. In 1978, after 35 years of military service, business associate Ken Lett – an aviation icon who flew Spitfires for the RCAF in World War II, later climbing to the rank of Major General while serving as the Deputy Chief of Operations for NORAD – came to Calgary to manage Bawden’s aviation assets.

After Peter’s passing in 1991, Ken Lett and VP of Finance Dean Buckland partnered to purchase Canada’s largest aviation service company, Executive Flight Center Fuel Services, from Bawden’s estate. It has been through their leadership and vision that EFC has broadened its network to operate out of 19 strategic locations throughout Western Canada and has increased its product offering to include Airport/Aerodrome services through EFC Aviation, fueling systems, parts, supplies, and service through AGFT, real estate, construction, leasing, and facility maintenance projects through EFC Developments, and management services through EFC Group.

Our commitment to Canada’s aviation industry is woven through all levels of our organization and is the common thread shared by each of our divisions.


Dean Buckland


John Groothius


Neilla King

Director of Finance

Gary Cheung

IT Manager

Jennifer Chute

Human Resources Manager

James Duck

Regional Facility Maintenance Manager, Central Alberta

Matt Thompson

Regional Facility Maintenance Manager, Southern Alberta

Brainard Vibora

Regional Facility Maintenance Supervisor, Northern Alberta

Don Bergerman

Construction Manager, Western Canada




Executive Flight Centre (EFC) Aviation has been setting standards in aviation fuel and service for over forty years. Calgary-based EFC offers airport users a broad range of aviation services in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our vision is to be the best-in-class aviation partner for our people, customers, and community. 


Aviation Ground Fueling Technologies Ltd. is a full-service provider of aviation fueling systems, parts and supplies. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that span the entire product lifecycle of aviation refueling – from system design, through to into-aircraft solutions and after-market product support.

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