The importance of routine maintenance and inspections cannot be overstressed. EFC Developments can implement a maintenance plan for a more reliable and fail-safe approach to your airfield assets. We continually update our staff’s knowledge in airfield maintenance and Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices (TCP 312 5th edition).

Experience has reinforced the value of having local expertise present to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

In addition to onsite personnel EFC Developments has developed a network of third-party subcontactors across its network to respond to any maintenance needs. Best value for money is achieved for clients by aligning with strategic subcontractors whose values and business practices are similar to EFC Developments and clients.

Inspections and reporting for a variety of airfield services plus direction is provided for:

  • Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Navigational Aids
  • Instrument Landing Systems
  • Fencing and Signage
  • Inspection and Certification


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