Varco Pruden Buildings, a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, is one of the nation’s largest providers of innovative steel building systems. Our network of authorized VP Builders and our industry-leading technology creates building solutions that work for every need and every budget. VP’s designs and products meet owners’ architectural requirements and business needs.

Using the company’s advanced engineering programming, VP Command, Varco Pruden combines steel structural materials with virtually any exterior finish to create buildings that are energy-efficient, look great and provide years of trouble-free performance. Varco Pruden provides building solutions, together.

Some of Varco Pruden’s benefits include:

  • Access to a network of Varco Pruden’s Authorized Builder Network
  • An advanced proprietary engineering system called VP Command
  • Innovative products
  • One-source coordination with streamlined delivery
  • Exclusive services, including Conventional steel services


Why build with steel?

Steel structural systems are a durable, reliable, and cost-effective building solution for all your commercial and industrial manufacturing facility needs. From recreation facilities to breweries and distilleries, steel framing systems are a game-changer in the building process. Whether you require specific interior building heights to accommodate equipment and storage or need a building to withstand extreme weather conditions, we offer several different metal framing systems to fit the needs of nearly all types of metal buildings.

Sustainability and Benefits of Steel Construction

When it comes to sustainable construction, steel is an unparalleled choice. This natural material is incredibly strong, non-toxic to produce, and infinitely recyclable and reusable—making it an excellent investment in the future of your business and your community.

As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, Varco Pruden is an expert at steel construction. For 70+ years, the company has worked to develop innovative design strategies that deliver efficient and cost-effective metal facilities that don’t compromise on quality.

Recycled and Reusable Material

Varco Pruden uses recycled steel to manufacture steel frames, roofs, and wall systems, which help meet certification requirements and sustainability standards. Additionally, VP’s steel systems can be relocated and reused, providing expanded adaptability for different end uses that greatly extends the usable life of your facility.

Energy Efficiency

Providing energy-efficient construction solutions has been a part of Varco Pruden’s heritage since 1948. They offer an ever-expanding range of code-compliant, efficiency-enhancing structural components, like the ThermalClad Insulated Wall & Roof Panels. These panels maintain a superior insulating value that makes them an ideal choice for controlled-environment buildings where temperature and insulation are critical.

Varco Pruden also offers natural lighting options that provide notable savings on energy costs. From the PrisMAX SLC skylights with a prismatic lens system for maximum light dispersal to the translucent Tuf-Lite & Wallite panels, which provide 60% natural light transmission inside the building, VP can help add points to the overall sustainable design score of your next project.

Cool Roof Colors

Varco Pruden was one of the first manufacturers to introduce “Cool” colours for roofing panels that decrease energy costs by reflecting light away from a building. VP’s SSR roofing system (when ordered with Cool Regal White colour coating) meets even California’s stringent title 24 code parameters.

Waste-Reducing Design

The VP Command® proprietary software is the most advanced computerized design system in the industry. Using complex algorithms and insights, it works to notably reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure, and efficiently process the material through manufacturing.

With VP Command®, you can see the future of the entire project, including site-specific code parameters that are vital for LEED certification and innovative design procedures that help reduce materials and waste. You can even explore alternative design scenarios within your specific sustainable design parameters.

Some of the industry-leading steel building solutions include:


A Metal Roof and Makeover Solution for Your Outdated Buildings

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your facility or stop roof leaks, EFC Developments, combined with the Varco Pruden Retrofit Group, can help with building makeover and re-roof solutions. Varco Pruden’s metal roof solutions give you long-term, weather-tight protection that meets the highest industry standards for quality and performance.

Here are some benefits of metal roofing and retrofit:

  • Metal roofs offer up to a 50% reduction in annual maintenance cost per square foot over asphalt or single-ply roof systems. (From Ducker Worldwide –Metal Benefits Case Study Program August 2007)
  • Metal roof service life expectations exceed other materials by over 20 years. (From Ducker Worldwide –Metal Benefits Case Study Program August 2007)
  • Varco Pruden’s retrofit roof and wall systems provide the ability to increase the energy efficiency of the existing structure with roof system U-Factors as low as .029 and wall systems as low as .039.

EFC Developments uses the Varco Pruden Buildings Fast-Track program to offer building decision-makers the combined benefits of economical design and fast delivery for steel construction. Fast-Track uses a simple pricing and order entry system for low to medium-complexity metal buildings. The program offers:

  • Buildings size range from 600 to more than 185,000 square feet
  • Custom designed building to meet specific needs
  • Can be manufactured and delivered to a site in as little as five to six weeks
Conventional Steel Service

EFC Developments offers Conventional Steel Services through Varco Pruden Buildings. Conventional Steel Services can provide a comprehensive building package that can include any combination of pre-engineered and conventional components. Advantages to using our company and the Varco Pruden Conventional team include:

  • One-stop-shop–You will work with Varco Pruden for the entirety of the project
  • Lower Initial Costs –Varco Pruden’s systems approach to building projects includes value-engineered options to optimize materials performance and minimize costs. Additionally, VP’s ability to combine pre-engineered and structural solutions reduces engineering costs and delays, helping the project flow from concept to completion at a faster rate.
  • Lower Life-cycle Costs –With a steel structure from Varco Pruden, comes the long-term benefit of low-maintenance costs.
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient –VP offers energy-efficient options for daylighting, insulation options to keep buildings comfortable all year long and VP’s cool paint systems that deflect radiant heat during the day to help buildings’ heating and air systems perform more efficiently.
  • Meets Advanced Building Ratings –Building owners seeking to achieve LEED ratings will appreciate Varco Pruden’s contribution of recycled steel content, future “environmentally friendly” recyclability, cool paint systems and daylighting. Further, VP products meet Factory Mutual ratings and UL approval.

Sourcewell, the national purchasing cooperative, and BlueScope Construction can provide a way to get the quality facilities we need without having to go through an extensive bid process. As an owner, you’ll get your facilities faster, built by us, and with less hassle than ever before. Although BlueScope Construction will carry the construction contract, the team with EFC Developments to perform the majority of the on-site work. And, the majority of our subcontractors and vendors will also be local companies. Your project will be performed by companies in your community and they will continue to be your local contacts after the project is complete.

Built to suit your market

Your market matters. From the first design sketch to well past the last rivet, Varco Pruden is passionate and purposeful in everything they do. And, as the industry changes and needs to grow, VP continues to innovate and adapt to help you create better buildings that last longer and perform better.

Varco Pruden has solutions across a wide range of markets including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Recreation
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse & Distribution




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