A unique, non-commission program and partnership tailored to an airport’s requirements for the marketing and development of airport land. Working with a land use plan, a customized gateway program will offer aviation and non-aviation prospective businesses multiple platforms to lease, own and build thereby contributing to an airport’s diversified revenue.

EFC Developments is ready to assist clients with the process of successfully selecting land to opening the doors of a new facility. In close consultation with the client, a customized construction plan will be developed which can include design/build; estimating/procurement; scheduling; quality control; and subcontractor management, coordination and administration. Working with local resources, the new building will be of long-term benefit to the owner and the community.

What If?

There was a better way to promote and develop properties at an airport?

Our Gateway program differentiates airport development from the hundreds of competitive area properties.

  • Receive enhanced exposure especially with targeted clients and aviation users.
  • Provide airport businesses with multiple platforms to lease, own and build facilities.
  • Requires no commissions or additional manpower.
  • Maintain complete control of the development process.


EFC Developments will work closely with your airport to develop and customize marketing initiatives that align with your guiding principles. The primary purpose of Aviation Gateway is to complement and support your airport’s mission and vision.

    What We Can Offer

    EFC Developments has extensive experience in aviation construction, property management, leasing, marketing and land development.

    Quality Services:
    EFC Developments provides high-quality project design, engineering, and execution to ensure a long-lasting investment for the airport.
    EFC Developments will create architectural guidelines that are unique to the area.


      Providing businesses with multiple platforms to lease, own and build facilities:

      • Land Lease
      • Build to Suit –Owner/User
      • EFC Developments build and lease to users
      • Partnerships and Joint Ventures



      Located only 5 minutes from downtown, Smithers Regional Airport services local community and region with multiple daily scheduled flights throughout BC.  The terminal expansion is underway to better serve customers with a modern, sustainably designed facility.  Positioned in close proximity to key economic industries like mining forestry, resource exploration, and agriculture, Smithers Regional Airport is the hub for activity.

      The airport has many airside and groundside lots with direct access to the Yellowhead Highway 16 for businesses to locate at this busy centre of activity.




      Airside and groundside development at Nanaimo Airport 

      YCD/Nanaimo airport offers exciting new opportunities for building and growth. Nanaimo YCD is a fast-growing airfield with private and business aviation opportunities as well as groundside commercial and industrial opportunities. Build to suit commercial aviation and office space is available.


      John Groothius

      Chief Operating Officer

      For gateway inquiries, please contact
      John Groothius.
      Phone: 403-291-8078