As an authorized builder of Steelway Building Systems, EFC Developments supplies, builds and erects steel building systems to make your construction needs easier, faster and better than ever.

Steelway is the leading Canadian manufacturer of Steel Building Systems. Founded in 1976, the family-owned business has a passion for building and design and understands there is not a one size fits all solution. Through continuous innovation and the utilization of advanced software and technology, they leverage more than 40 years of experience crafting aesthetically beautiful, functional, and durable steel structures.

What are steel building systems?

A steel building system (SBS) is a custom-engineered steel solution that optimizes and integrates primary/secondary framing, roofing, wall cladding and trims. Every component of a Steelway building system has been specifically designed to work together as a system, providing maximum efficiency, precise fit and unmatched strength.


Why build with steel?

Steel building systems provide flexible designs to fit your needs, along with strength, durability and low maintenance for a long-term building solution. Steel has become an attractive, cost effective and energy efficient solution for both traditional or contemporary applications.

Other reasons to use a Steelway building system include:

Flexible, Adaptable Steel
Steelway building systems provide maximum flexibility to create a variety of floor plan configurations. Their framing systems are designed for easy reconfiguration to accomodate mechanical additions, electrical changes, changes in function, equipment and regulations.
High-Strength Steel
Steelway’s optimized tapered steel building frames combined with the strength and efficiency of light-weight roof and wall framing not only increases structural strength, but also requires less material. Their structures blend the advantages of steel building construction with the strength of conventional steel to meet heavy loading and provide exceptional design opportunities.
Creating a large, open space that’s uninterrupted by interior columns is trouble-free with Steelway’s ClearSpan building system. Ideal for recreation facilities, such as ice rinks and soccer fields, but is also frequently used in manufacturing and storage facilities. Creating a large, open space within the building is easily accomplished and can be optimized for any space.
Economics of Steel
Strength, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation make steel one of the most cost-effective and preferred construction materials in the industry. Thanks to its extremely long life cycle, steel building solutions pay for themselves over time.
Perhaps one of the most critical performance features of a steel building is its ability to withstand the elements. Wind uplift, water penetration, air infiltration and leakage are no match for Steelway. The panel systems provide exceptional performance, exceeding testing protocols and giving you peace of mind.
Any number of architectural finishing options are available to complement a steel building system. Incorporate a variety of materials including steel, glass, aluminum, wood, masonary, block and precast concrete in endless combination to meet requirements and achieve the desired personalized look.
Energy Efficiency
The thermal performance of Steelway buildings meet all national and provincial energy codes but more importantly, customer needs. The energy efficiency of a steel building system creates a lower operating cost to allow for a greater return on investment.
Ease of Installation
Economical design and construction is achieved because all of the steel building components are delivered together from one source, for on-site bolted construction. The parts are precise, reducing omissions, errors and measurement mistakes.

Features include:

  • Single-source purchase of building elements gives the owner control over every aspect of building cost, design and construction.
  • It has been estimated that erection of a steel building structure takes at least 30% less time than conventional construction.
  • Less jobsite waste than traditional construction methods permits faster cleanup, saving additional labour costs.
Maintenance and Repair
One of the many benefits to owning a steel building is the ease of maintaining your structure. Typically, routine gutter maintenance and an occasional power wash is the only maintenance required. Because of their durability, Steelway’s steel buildings require minimal maintenance and very few repairs.
Made in Canada
All of Steelway’s building systems are engineered and manufactured in Canada.


Industries that build with steel?

Steel building systems opportunities are endless for multiple industries. If your project is big or small steel building systems can adapt to any situation.

Here are the industries we are specialized in that you can use for your next construction project:

  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Aviation
  • Logistics

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