EFC Developments is proud to provide facility maintenance for real estate developer Aeroterm. With over 15 million square feet of property and development at 36 airports, Aeroterm is the leading owner and provider of capital, expertise and facility-related services to airports throughout North America. EFC Developments is currently partnered with Aeroterm at two of its Calgary locations.

This week we kicked off phase II of Aeroterm’s three-phase repaving project at one of their facility locations in Calgary. Our ever-changing Alberta weather is good for causing cracks and potholes to occur over time, so repaving is inevitable. Aeroterm ensures facility maintenance is a top priority for their locations and that’s exactly what we are helping them accomplish. Whether the project is big or small, EFC Developments works with each company to ensure their facilities are in the best shape possible. Corrective Maintenance is just one component of our Facility Maintenance Plan. Our goal is to maximize our client’s return on investment, increase the net asset value of commercial infrastructure, and ultimately improve our clients’ “Bottom Line”. Contact us today to find out more about our Facility Maintenance Program and other services we offer that could benefit you.