Facility Maintenance Service Solutions
Facility Maintenance Service Solutions

Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance Program (FMP) is a four-prong approach: Preventive, Corrective, Quality Management System, and Audit and Record Keeping. Combining these four parts ensures cost control while maintaining a high level of operational efficiency.

Some Benefits of the Facility Maintenance Program:

  • Increase operational effectiveness and efficiency of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Protect capital investments.
  • Reduce operating cost while increasing assets' life expectancy within the buildings.
  • Increase satisfaction/retention with existing tenants and entice new tenants.
  • Maintain safe working environment.
  • Access up-to-date technology and experienced, qualified staff.



The Facility Maintenance Program goals are to maximize clients' return on investment; increase the net asset value of commercial infrastructure; increase occupant health and well-being; keep current in the changing world of sustainable practices and technologies and improve clients' “Bottom Line”.

Key strategic advantages are based on our ability to:

  • Extend life cycle of assets.
  • Increase efficiency of assets thereby reducing operating costs.
  • Lower carbon footprint with greater environmental stewardship.
  • Provide capital planning for asset sustainability.

Preventative maintenance is a carefully designed maintenance program whereby maintenance tasks are performed routinely to avoid larger, costly future repairs while minimizing any potential disruptions to operations:

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Asset Life Cycle
  • Improved Safety
  • Increased Equipment Efficiency
  • Decreased Equipment & Operations Downtime
  • Improved Reliability
  • Conservation of Assets

Corrective maintenance is a task performed to identify, isolate and rectify a fault so that the failed asset can be restored to an operational condition.

Aviation facilities require highly specialized knowledge, safety, processes and experience to achieve performance objectives. Our specially trained facility managers and technicians understand how to optimize operational performance, contain costs and mitigate risks at your facility. We rigorously monitor and maintain these environments, identifying potential disruptions before they happen and when an issue does arise, our teams swiftly address the problem, reducing the risk of downtime and minimizing the effect on your operations.

The QMS provides a platform for formally reviewing and evaluating all deliverable services on an audit basis from a financial, technical AND efficiency perspective. This identifies opportunities for economies, improvements, and savings within the operations and maintenance of your facilities.

The CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is a critical tool in our Facility Maintenance Program. We use the latest version of CMMS software to automate up-keep and asset management while streamlining operations so we can fulfill our client's tasks and objectives.

The CMMS helps keep your assets running by providing a network for all work orders, management of critical and non-critical parts, reporting and measurement of performance to ultimately reduce your downtime and any negative effect that maybe caused on your operations.

Our team continually strives to strengthen your relationships with your tenants through site visits and a dedicated tenant web service portal, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The tenant portal is an extension of our services to provide your tenants with real time information and data on the status of maintenance requests and work orders.



The Performance Matrix provides an accurate assessment of our level of performance and provides us with detailed information to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

EFC Developments' FMP ensures audits are performed accordingly and plans are developed for clients that meet regulations, enhance business processes and promote operational, technical and financial efficiencies.

  • Insurance Audits: ensures accurate records in the event of a major incident such as a fire.
  • Capital Forecasting: assists in budgeting for future capital expenditures.
  • Warranties: confirms repairs and maintenance required do not void the warranties for an asset.
  • Repair Audits: aids in holding trades accountable.

How our facility maintenance program works


"I would like to ask you to consider EFC Developments for the facility maintenance services of needs of your company. The company’s team have always gone above and beyond for me. Their service is prompt, their technicians are friendly and very helpful, and their work is top notch.

Craig Bergmann

Manufacturing and Operations Coordinator

"During the past two years our company has worked with EFC Developments on numerous kinds of projects. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work."

Deton Cho

Stacy Reid

Director of Operations

"It is my pleasure to recommend the facility maintenance services of EFC Developments. During the past five years, I have worked closely with them and they have always managed to provide exceptional service."

Summit Air

Dale Hyrve

Director, Maintenance

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