Leadership Howard

Howard Lima

Director of Finance

Howard is the Director of Finance at Executive Flight Centre, overseeing financial aspects of the business including financial reporting, planning, treasury, and accounting.  Howard has been with EFC since 2014 when he joined as Controller.

Howard studied at the University of Calgary and attained a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in 2001.  Immediately following graduation, Howard joined Deloitte where he completed his Chartered Accountant (now Chartered Professional Accountant) designation.  At Deloitte, Howard focused on private company assurance work, as well as personal and corporate taxation.

In 2004, Howard joined the Paysafe Group (formerly known as Optimal Payments PLC) as Assistant Controller.  Paysafe is an international public company with operations in Canada, Europe, and Asia.  To support rapid growth at Paysafe, Howard implemented a new ERP system, doubled the Accounting team and created a robust financial reporting structure.  Howard was promoted to Corporate Controller in 2007 where his role expanded to the management of the global Finance function until he left in 2011 to open his own franchise.

Howard is married with two young children.  Outside of work, he loves to play hockey, fish and provide tax and accounting services to friends and family.


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